About Us


#ecoWURD is a multimedia environmental justice journalism initiative examining Philadelphia at the intersection of race, income & the environment.

ecoWURD is a production of WURD Digital.  The ecoWURD team is comprised of a talented group of thought leaders, reporters and journalists who will aggressively tackle Philly’s “Green Divide” through in-depth investigative articles, audio and video content and photography. ecoWURD also represents the thirteenth First Fleet Newsroom that will run on Civil, an innovative new decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to support independent media.

Reporting and conversations on ecoWURD center on Philadelphia’s unequal green space. Beyond that, however, will be a deep examination of Black life in Philadelphia in the context of its inextricable link to the surrounding environment. Philadelphia remains the poorest big city in the United States, a majority-Black urban center of 1.6 million people where African American residents are perpetually battling broader issues of air quality, water quality, residential displacement, pollution, climate change and toxicity.  These challenges both instigate and aggravate stubborn racial and socioeconomic disparities.

The mission of ecoWURD is to report on how environmental issues uniquely affect Black communities in Philadelphia and across the country.